Sometimes I drive a diesel truck around town. It's...

Sometimes I drive a diesel truck around town. It's not uncommon for this vehicle to emit smoke when it's low on gas because it's cleaning the exhaust filter or something. I realize that this is an annoyance to those behind me but I'm selfish and I don't really care about them. It turns out you can report smoking vehicles to your local state health department via this website

I know this because I received a notice in the mail from a concerned citizen who was saddened by my vehicles smoking in their face. Instead of getting upset about their sore vagina I decided to use this information to my advantage. As such, whenever I encounter a Subaru or hybrid vehicle on the road being an annoyance, instead of chasing them down and shooting them in the face as I may have previously done I will instead simply take down their license place and report them to the authority above. This is both fun and free. Try it.

Benjamin Paige