Reindeer. For lack of a better title. I have this ...

Reindeer. For lack of a better title. I have this great idea for a sitcom, it features the eight or nine however you look at it reindeer from Santa sleigh but this is a show, cartoon really, about their lives in the off-season. You see this whole Santa's sleigh gig (btw "the sleigh" is the name of the bar they frequent) is just a part time gig and the whole notion of Santa and his sleigh are a little out of whack from reality they all work and hang out in a bar as reindeer is due, Santa owns the bar but Santa is actually a very fashion forward bear gay bear type and Mrs. clause died long ago Rudolph makes an appearance only a few times every season and only for the most brief comic relief cutaway vixen is... if a reindeer could be a young slutty blonde chick that would be vixen. Cupid or as she is known to her friends "Q" is the more mature, wiser, very sassy black reindeer. Blixen would be the kind of guy you would always see you wearing it Hardy shirts every day who is a little hopped up on testosterone and not the smartest but definitely a good guy to have backing for you. Comet is what you would call the protagonist along with dasher who we can just call Dash these two friends get into all sorts of hilarious missteps but they always seem to end up ok. I picture One of the female reindeer is as being always on her cell phone texting God knows who offering only one or two word interjections an episode who typically follows Dixon and probably a token male black reindeer and a drunken reighdeer just to round it all out nicely.

Picture: it's always sunny in Philadelphia combined with cheers and friends but with foul language and peppered full of gay innuendo. Someone should make that show.

Benjamin Paige