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grammys so white....... and rightfully so.

I understand that people feel that the grammy's are biased towards white people. But I cant help but notice that the percentage of black grammy winnes is pretty close to the percentage of the black people in america. I understand that the greammys dont simply look at american artists. But to think that the percneage of black winners should be much larger than it already is is to think that black artists deservre these arwards disorportionallty more than "white" artists do. That would be racist. 

Benjamin Paige
Sometimes I drive a diesel truck around town. It's...

Sometimes I drive a diesel truck around town. It's not uncommon for this vehicle to emit smoke when it's low on gas because it's cleaning the exhaust filter or something. I realize that this is an annoyance to those behind me but I'm selfish and I don't really care about them. It turns out you can report smoking vehicles to your local state health department via this website

I know this because I received a notice in the mail from a concerned citizen who was saddened by my vehicles smoking in their face. Instead of getting upset about their sore vagina I decided to use this information to my advantage. As such, whenever I encounter a Subaru or hybrid vehicle on the road being an annoyance, instead of chasing them down and shooting them in the face as I may have previously done I will instead simply take down their license place and report them to the authority above. This is both fun and free. Try it.

Benjamin Paige
Someone should just go through all the porn of the...

Someone should just go through all the porn of the 70's and make a two hour documentary of all the worst non x rated parts. Just the cheesiest cornball parts of those movies back to back for two hours. That would be an amazing movie to show at parties.

Benjamin Paige
For Halloween this year I am going to dress our pi...

For Halloween this year I am going to dress our pig up as the hamburglar because it's the best most awesome costume on earth ever. But on doing some research for this role that I will force him to play I have a few questions. First, why does the hamburglar wear a tie? Is he like a respectable businessman burglar? Because stealing hamburgers is not your typical white collar crime.
Secondly, why does he have a cape? Maybe he is a super hero like robinhood and steals burgers to feel the poor. Did you ever think of that? I mean, how many burgers can someone eat anyways? All hail the hamburglar!!

Benjamin Paige